Cinderella Open Auditions


Show Dates: Thu 30th Nov - Sun 3 Dec 2017

at the Woodrow Community Centre, Redditch.


Auditions: Sunday 18th June 2017 

at The Woodrow Community Centre, Redditch, B98 7RY.



10.00am - 11.30am Dance Auditions (for dancers over 8 only)

12.00pm - 1.30pm Chorus Auditions (open to all over 8)

2.00pm - 4.00pm Principal Auditions (open to all over 14 years only)


(Please arrive promptly at the required time with a completed audition form. You are required to attend the full audition time stated above. You may only attend one of the audition workshops.)


You will need to be signed in and out by an adult over the age of 18 years of age if you are under 16.


Casting: We are looking for a cast of 30 (maximum) please read the character notes to see what you are eligible to audition for. We will not accept any candidates that do not fit the criteria.



Cinderella (Female)

Principal girl, kind hearted and innocent. Strong singer, actor and dancer. (14+)


Buttons (Male)

Page boy at Hardship Hall. Comedy role with good rapport with audience. Good singer and great comic timing. (14+)


Baron Hardup (Male)

Cinderella’s father. Good natured and hen pecked. Slightly comical (18+)


Gertrude (Female)

Ugly step sister. Comical but wicked with intent. Good singer (16+)


Grizelda (Female)

Ugly step sister. Comical but wicked with intent. Good singer (16+)


Prince Charming (Male)

Typical good prince. Good singer and mover (14+)


Dandini (Male)

Prince’s valet. Good actor and dancer (14+)


Fairy Godmother (Female)

Immortal, kind and magical. Strong actress and singer. (18+)


Chambers (Male)

Lord Chamberlain - a royal official. Small speaking part only (16+)


Chorus (M/F)

Strong singers, actors and dancers. (8+) limited space available!


Dancers (M/F)

Strong dancers (separate dance audition - no singing required)

What to prepare: Nothing! Auditions will be held in a workshop style therefore all you need to do is arrive at the correct time with your audition form, wearing something comfortable to move in. Please also ensure you bring plenty to drink.


Auditions Results:

Results will be posted on our website Monday 19th December at 6.00pm. 

Rehearsals (term time only):

Tuesday 7.30pm - 9.00pm Full Company

Tuesday 7.30pm - 10.00pm Principals


at The Woodrow Community Centre, Redditch, B98 7RY.


(Please ensure you can attend ALL rehearsals before auditioning to be in the production. If you miss more than 3 rehearsals you will be asked to leave the production. Full commitment and attendance is required.)


Signing In and Out:

Those under the age of 16 (in full time education up to GCSE year) must be signed in and out by an adult over the age of 18. If parents cannot sign their own child in another adult can do this provided that a signed note from the child’s parent is handed in giving permission for this arrangement to take place. You are also required to sign your child in and out at the theatre during show week.


Membership Fees:

£95.00 (non-refundable) per performer. (Payable in full at the first rehearsal.)


Membership Forms: 

All members must complete a membership form so that we have all the contact details required. This is for both emergency purposes and so that we can keep parents informed with any updates throughout the rehearsals process. Our main point of communication is email and through our private Facebook group which all successful candidates will be added to. This is the most efficient and quickest way to get in touch with our members / parents. We also require a mobile number for parents/guardians (for those under 18) so that we can send updates by text if required especially when snow is forecast over the winter. (These will be sent to successful candidates after the audition results have been announced.)



Members are not required to wear a uniform. However they will need to provide appropriate footwear as requested by the production team for both rehearsals and production. Cast members will also be required to provide their own make-up, tights, underwear and hair products as required.


Code of Conduct: 

In order to ensure that our rehearsals are both safe and enjoyable for all, members must abide by the code of conduct at all times. This also enables us to keep rehearsals productive whilst supporting our child protection policy.


Members of The Harlequins Drama Group MUST NOT do any of the following:

  1. Leave the premises during rehearsal times

  2. Smoke / Drink Alcohol

  3. Use mobile phones during rehearsals

  4. Swear or use any language deemed to cause upset to any members/volunteers

  5. Damage any property or part of the rehearsal room or theatre

  6. Eat or drink in the main rehearsal room

  7. Participate in another production 4 weeks prior to show week without the permission of the production team and committee

  8. Take photographs or videos during rehearsals or performances

  9. Chew chewing gum or sticky sweets in the rehearsal building or theatre

  10. Access the kitchen, backstage areas or office without permission


Members of The Harlequins Drama Group MUST at all times:

  1. Sign in and out of each rehearsal / performance

  2. Adhere to the Code of Conduct

  3. Follow instructions from the production team and leaders

  4. Treat others with respect

  5. Attend all rehearsals when required

  6. Switch off mobile phones and leave in bags

  7. Assist with setting up and clearing away at the start and end of rehearsals

  8. Promote the production and assist with selling tickets

  9. Inform the Artistic Director if cannot attend any rehearsal



As a non-profit drama group all of our staff are volunteers. We all hold an enhanced DBS check and there is always a first aider on site at all times. Please treat all members of staff and production team with respect. They are kindly donating their time to provide a fun experience for your child. We will not tolerate any verbal abuse or threatening behaviour and if such arises we will ask you to leave the premises with immediate effect and will also remove your child from the production and drama group without refund.


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